Resetting Use Counts in Downloads and Canned Reports

Site administrators can now reset the Use Counters for static Downloads and dynamic Canned Reports.
First, though, an admission. While on the Peerfocus sites we use client-specific terminology for such terms as Benchmarking, Downloads, Canned or Predefined Reports), on Blogger we don't have that luxury. Therefore, you are going to have to figure out what we are talking about sometimes. Or email me. Apologies in advance.
Under Administration/Downloads and Administration/Canned Reports you will find a list of all your site's downloads or reports. For each, there is a column reflecting the number of times the report has been downloaded or run since a certain date, which is also displayed. In addition, there are check boxes that allow you to mark the reports or downloads where you would like to have the counter reset to 0. Check the ones you want reset and hit the Reset button.

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