You Too Can Edit Page Content

Did you know, you do or can have editing access to many of the standard web pages on your survey/benchmarking site, including:
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Us
  • Log-off page
  • All the About pages associated with each main menu item on the site
  • An Introduction area at the top of the Downloads page
  • An optional special page accessed from the Main Menu that can be used for any purpose you choose. One client uses it to put up info about Ordering Survey Results.
Please email me if you'd like more information. These are all standard features, there are no extra charges associated with them.

Salutation Option in Status Messages

We are adding a "Nickname" field to the User Profile (record). In addition, we are defining a "salutation" function for status messages. You will be able to insert a variable name like "" in the body of the message and at that point will be merged in either the nickname, first name, or a fixed value (e.g., Colleague) depending on what is present in the recipient's Profile.

This new feature should be available within the next two weeks.

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