New Features Arriving Monday, June 22 - ALL FREE

Status Setting Links in Status Messages

In status email messages you now have the option of adding a link that a recipient can click to mark their survey WILL DO, in addition to the previously announced WILL NOT DO link option. You need to add any introductory text you want in the body of the email. Suggested text will be found under "Help with this Page" in the upper right corner of the Status Messages create/edit page.

DONE links are not offered since marking a survey DONE triggers a final validation check and the user needs to be logged in to see the results and deal with any remaining issues.

Enhanced Report Writer

You have the option of adding categorical and free text variables to reports you build using Report Writer. Mixed with numeric variables, the latter will continue to show the standard summary statistics. There are no aggregate statistics for the categorical and free text variables. A filter option in the Report Writer user interface lets you choose to select from all variables, just from numeric, or just from categorical and free text.

DONE Survey Notification

You have the option to set up a survey administrator and/or designee to receive automatic notice whenever a survey is marked DONE. The email notice reports the name of the survey, who marked it done, their email address, and the organization to which they belong.

The administrator and designee can be different for each of your surveys. You set this up under Surveys/Manage Surveys. Click the edit (pencil) icon next to the survey name to get into the survey's Profile. Add a survey manager name and email address if one isn't already identified. Then, further down the Profile in the Email Options area, checkmark the boxes of the individuals whom you want to receive the email notices. If you want a designee to receive the notice, add their email address in the space provided. (If you don't have access to Manage Surveys and you want to use one of these new features, contact me and I'll set you up with access or happily make the survey changes for you.)

On a related note, don't forget the feature added earlier this year that allows you to specify a User Update Message (Administration/Messages/User Update Messages) to be sent to the user when they mark a survey DONE. This feature is also turned on in the Survey Profile. At a minimum, you might want to send a "thank you" note or advise the participant as to when a report might be expected or how to acquire a report once it becomes available.

Survey Area Appearance Upgrade

The page at Surveys/Survey Menu has a new look, a little cleaner and less cluttered we hope. As well, the main menu for specific surveys has been cleaned up.

Salutation Field in Status & Administration Messages

We have added a "Nickname" field to the User Profile (record). In addition, we have defined a "salutation" function for Survey Status and Administration messages (User Update Messages not included). Wherever you insert $SALUTATION$ in the message body, at that point the salutation function will insert the first value it finds for a given user according to the protocol you have communicated to me. The salutation function will insert either nickname, first name, first and last name, any combination of user name components in fact, or a generic value like "Colleague" at the "salutation" point you specified for the email message. If you haven't yet communicated to me your preference, please do so if you are going to want to use this function. If you don't want to use it, simply don't include $SALUTATION$ in the body of any email templates you are creating. Note: Any salutation specification applies only to the specific message template where you have inserted it. You are not locking yourself into salutations for all messaging, just where you want it used.

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