I Can't Believe Its Been Two Months...

It has been over two months since my last blog post and there have been no complaints. Readers of this blog must be very patient people.

A Few New Enhancements
  • User Update Messages now have a "Show in User Profile" check box in their profiles. To get to a message profile click the pencil icon next to a User Update Message name at Administration/Messages/User Update Messages. Check the box if you want the message name to appear in the list of messages you can send from within a User Profile. Uncheck otherwise. This is useful when you want to store a message for future use but do not want it cluttering up a list of active messages you are using.
  • User Profiles have a new look. The different sections of the User Profile are now more clearly demarcated.
  • An Opt Out of Non-Critical Email option is now available for your users, but you as the site administrator control it. How it works: One of your users says they don't want to receive non-critical emails. You go to their User Profile and in the Administrator Options section you check the box next to "Less email." When you subsequently send email to lists that include that user and the email isn't identified as critical, the user will automatically be filtered out of the list for that particular email. This works with Survey Status Messages, Administration Messages and Batch Messages. By default Survey Status Messages are flagged as critical, so unless you change that flag in the message, all users otherwise meeting the list criteria will get the message. The same approach is in place with Administration Messages. With Batch Messages, if you want to exclude users who are flagged for "Less email," you add the filter "UserEmailOptOut" to the list you are building.
  • New Batch List action options are available. Under the Administration main menu tab we have been building a tool, Batch, for creating various kinds of user lists. (Note that this is for creating lists of users, not units (units being council, departments, institutions, organizations, depending on the terminology of a given client)!) Once a dynamic batch list is created, you click the green arrow next to it to go to a menu of actions that can be applied to the list. Actions include previewing the list (new), exporting it as a CSV file you can open in Excel, turning it into a static administration message email list (new), and assigning or removing roles from the list's members.

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